Bangladesh is at risk of earthquake

Experts are fearing 8 earthquake in the country due to the pressure of three continental plates. Experts have commented that rescue work will be difficult in unplanned urbanization.

Experts say that five small earthquakes in Sylhet are giving that hint in a short time. Sylhet and Chittagong are at risk for earthquake for a long time due to geographical location, the Meteorological Department also said.

Bangladesh’s position is in the connectivity of three dynamic plates of Indian, Eurasian and Burma. In this, Sylhet is located in the connection between Indian Plate and Burma Plate, north of which Dauki Fault.

Experts say these plates are very active and rushing to each other. The reason why so much energy is gathered. As a result, Bangladesh is at risk of extreme earthquake.

A study by Dhaka University has shown that major earthquakes have not occurred in the last 500 to 1000 years in the mountainous areas of Dauki Fault and Sylhet to Teknaf and Chittagong. Recent earthquakes in Sylhet can be forecasted for major earthquakes, researchers say.

The Meteorological Department says the Sylhet region is at risk of earthquake for a long time. But the power outage from small earthquakes is considered positive.

In 1897 there was a 8 magnitude 7 earthquake west of Daukee Fault. Which is the highest on the planet.

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